Why You Need An Attorney After a Fire


Many victims cannot afford to hire an attorney. Engstrom, Lipscomb & Lack accepts cases on a contingency basis where the client does not pay the firm for its time and expenses unless and until there is a recovery. We have the financial resources and a team of experts to litigate these complicated cases.

We help victims recover for loss of personal possessions and damage to real property. When homeowners insurance coverage is inadequate or not available. Frequently, insurance is limited or unavailable for damage to trees and landscape, particularly when the entire property has been destroyed. This is in addition to personal claims such as physical injury, emotional distress, vexation, and annoyance.

We are pursuing litigation in both the Northern California North Bay fires against PG&E and in Southern California for the Thomas and Creek Fires against Southern California Edison.”

Daniel Whalen

A member of the firm since 1986, Daniel Whalen specializes in representing victims of wildfires, defective products and bad faith conduct by insurance companies.