Aviation Litigation

At Engstrom, Lipscomb & Lack, we have handled hundreds of aviation crash cases since our inception in 1974. Our firm handles personal injury and wrongful death cases arising out of accidents involving commercial air carriers, commuter airlines, privately owned airplanes and helicopters, and military aircraft, in the United States and internationally.

The aviation division in the firm is comprised of litigation attorneys who have extensive experience in aviation. The team's members include experienced private and commercial pilots with in-depth knowledge relating to piloting, aircraft and helicopter maintenance, international laws, federal aviation regulations, flight operations, weather, human factors and accident reconstruction.

We know aviation litigation because we are part of the aviation culture. In addition, the courts regularly appoint us to the plaintiff's steering committee in complex multi-district aviation lawsuits involving a mass casualty disaster. The team also has extensive trial experience in both foreign and domestic crash litigation.

Engstrom, Lipscomb & Lack has been retained in the Asiana Airlines, flight 214 crash. On July 6, 2013, a Boeing 777 travelling from Seoul, Korea crashed during an attempted landing at San Francisco International Airport, killing 3 and injuring an additional 180 people on board.

Commercial and Charter Aviation Cases:

Air Carrier Accidents

2013 – ASIANA: Boeing 777, coming from Seoul Korea, crashed on an attempted landing at San Francisco International Airport killing 3 and injuring 180 persons on board.

2010 – ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES: Boeing 737-800 Operating as flight 409, crashed into the Mediterranean Sea shortly after takeoff from Beirut killing all 90 passengers and crew.

2010 – CONVIASA: ATR-42 twin engine turboprop, crashed shortly after takeoff from an airport in Palomar, Venezuela, killing 15 of the 51 people on board and severely injuring 27 others primarily from burn injuries.

2009 – AIR FRANCE: Airbus A330 crash in Mid-Atlantic.

2009 – YEMENIA AIRWAYS: Airbus A310 operating as flight IY 626, crashed into the sea on approach to the Moroni (Comoros) International Airport killing 141 passengers and 11 crew members.

2009 – COLGAN AIR: 50 dead in crash of Bombardier Model 400 turboprop five miles short of Niagara International Airport while on instrument approach.

2009 – MANAUS AEROTAXI: 24 dead in crash of Embraer Bandeirante which lost power in one engine.

2009 – TURKISH AIRLINES: 9 dead and over 80 injured in crash of Boeing 737-8F2 on final approach one mile short of Amsterdam International Airport.

2008 – SPAINAIR: MD-82 crash in Madrid, Spain.

2008 – ITEK AIRLINES: 65 dead and 24 survivors in crash of Boeing 737-200 due to loss of power. Plane crashed short of runway at Manas International Airport, Kyrgyzstan.

2007 – TAM LINHAS AERGEAS: Airbus A320 crash in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

2004 – SILK AIRLINES: Trial of 4 death cases in Los Angeles arising out of the crash of a Boeing 737-300 en route from Jakarta to Singapore killing 104. Jury returned a verdict of $46 million after four week trial. Balance of case settled for over $100 million. Jury found a defective part made by Parker-Hannifin Corp. caused the crash.

2004 – SINGAPORE AIR: Crash of 747 taking off in hurricane at Taipei International Airport killing most of passengers and severely injuring survivors. The firm played a central role on Plaintiffs' Steering Committee approved by Federal Court.

General Aviation Accidents

2008 – BARKER v. CLAY LACEY AVIATION: Lear Jet Model 60 attempted takeoff from Columbia Metro Airport, SC. Both tires failed on roll-out, aircraft skidded off runway, burst into flames killing both crew, 2 passengers and severely burning 2 passengers.

2007 – LEWIS v. KLEIN: Chartered Cessna 172 was hired to fly three passengers from Panamanian island to inland plantation. Aircraft crashed in rugged terrain killing pilot and 2 passengers. A twelve year-old girl survived.

2006 – GUND v. PILATUS AIRCRAFT: Pilatus PC-6, outfitted with floats, sustained in flight engine failure and crashed into the Pacific Ocean off Costa Rica. Pilot and 5 passengers died.

2005 – PILATUS: PC-6 Porter crash off coast of Costa Rica.

2005 – LEUSER v. USA: Lear Jet Model 35, equipped with medical ambulance took off from Brown Field, San Diego. Air Traffic Control routed jet into Otay Mountain killing all on board.

2004 – MILLER v. PIPER AIRCRAFT & USA: Piper Malibu departed Raleigh, NC for Marco Island, FL with 2 passengers. In route, severe weather was encountered. ATC vectored aircraft into a large weather cell and one wing and horizontal stabilizer were torn off. All perished.

Helicopter Crashes

2013 – VAN NUYS COPTERS: Bell 206B crash in Acton, California

2009 – SMIRNOV v. ROBINSON HELICOPTER CO: A new Robinson 44 helicopter departed an airfield in Ugra Russia, crashing only two kilometers from its departure point in clear weather. Crashed killed the pilot and owner on board who were servicing oil fields.

2008 – HEUCHERT v. MD HELICOPTERS: MD Model 600 N helicopter crashed in Alberta, Canada supporting geological exploration. The pilot died when a tail boom attach fitting failed causing separation of the tail boom.

2007 – JONES v. MD HELICOPTERS: MD 902 helicopter crashed in Shanghai Harbor ferrying a marine pilot to a container ship. Three passengers died and the pilot sustained severe injuries when a weld point on an anti-torque foot pedal separated from its shaft.

2006 – MALSCH v. BELL HELICOPTERS: Accident aircraft was a USMC UH-IN Huey on a training mission in Arizona. Tail structure failed in flight resulting in the death of two Marines and severe injuries to both crew members.

2005 – MD HELICOPTERS: MD-902 Helicopter crash in Shanghai Harbor, China.

2005 – ALCIVAR v. ROBINSON HELICOPTER CO: Model R44 crashed in the jungles of Ecuador due to engine failure. Ship landed hard in an auto-rotation landing and three occupants received severe spinal injuries.