Southern California Wildfire Lawyer

Southern California Wildfire Lawyer

Wildfires can cause serious problems for Southern California residents. Over the years, dozens of wildfires have damaged properties and resulted in injuries and deaths across Southern California. Although local residents can plan ahead for wildfire season, many fires still occur in Southern California annually.    

If a Southern California wildfire occurs due to someone else's negligence, victims can pursue damages from the at-fault party. In this instance, consult with a Southern California wildfire lawyer from ​Engstrom, Lipscomb & Lack. This allows an individual to partner with an experienced wildfire attorney and to seek damages from those persons or entities responsible for the incident. 

A Southern California Wildfire Attorney Teach Clients About Different Types of Damages 

Southern California wildfire victims can pursue damages, which refer to compensation awarded in a lawsuit. A wildfire victim can be awarded damages if a court finds this individual was harmed by someone else. The victim can seek damages from one or more at-fault parties. 

At-fault parties in a Southern California wildfire case can include companies and individuals. In a lawsuit, a wildfire victim can pursue damages relating to personal injury or property damage. The victim may be awarded any of the following types of damages:


Economic damages are awarded for verifiable monetary losses. Examples of economic damages include compensation for lost wages or medical bills. Economic damages are objective and can be tracked via invoices and other documents. 


A court can award non-economic damages for pain, suffering, and other emotional trauma. Non-economic damages are subjective and non-monetary. They can be more difficult to quantify than economic damages. 


Punitive damages are not economic or non-economic. Rather, they are awarded to deter future negligent acts. Courts rarely award punitive damages but may do so if they find an at-fault party acted recklessly or intentionally put others in danger. 

A Southern California wildfire lawyer ensures that their client understands the different types of damages. The attorney also verifies that the client can pursue the maximum amount of damages. That way, the client can boost their chances of getting the damages they need to fully recover from a wildfire. 

There Are No Caps on Damages in Personal Injury Cases in California

A Southern California wildfire victim can pursue any amount of damages since there are no caps. However, it is crucial to determine an appropriate amount of damages before filing a lawsuit. This can help a wildfire victim present a strong case in court. 

Partnering with a wildfire lawyer in Southern California can be beneficial, particularly when it comes to determining how much to pursue in damages. The lawyer can review the lost wages, medical bills, and other monetary expenses a wildfire victim has incurred. Plus, the attorney can learn about any emotional trauma the victim has experienced following the fire. 

At this point, a Southern California wildfire attorney and their client can decide how to proceed. The lawyer can help their client file a lawsuit against any at-fault parties. This attorney can prepare their client for all aspects of the legal process, too. 

A Southern California Wildfire Attorney Establishes Realistic Expectations

Do not expect a quick resolution to a Southern California wildfire lawsuit. In some instances, it takes months or years to resolve a lawsuit. There can be times when a lawsuit gets settled outside the courtroom as well. 

A Southern California wildfire attorney explores every avenue to resolve a lawsuit as quickly as possible. At the same time, the attorney ensures that their client does not have to settle for inferior case results. Instead, the lawyer does everything in their power to meet their client's expectations. 

Meanwhile, a Southern California wildfire lawyer keeps their client in the loop at each stage of the legal process. If a problem arises, the lawyer notifies the client, and they can work together to resolve it. And if a client receives a settlement offer, this individual and their attorney can review it in detail. 

How a Southern California Wildfire Lawsuit Settlement Works

In a Southern California wildfire case, both parties can negotiate until a trial date arrives. Negotiations generally take place between the parties' attorneys. If the negotiations are successful, a settlement can be reached before the parties have to go to trial. 

A Southern California wildfire victim can be presented with a settlement offer at any point in their litigation. The victim is under no obligation to accept the offer. Yet, it is beneficial to review the offer with an attorney to determine if it is close to what the victim originally requested. 

If a Southern California wildfire victim accepts a settlement offer, this individual receives their damages, and the case is resolved. On the other hand, a Southern California wildfire victim can decline an offer — and will not be penalized for doing so. In this scenario, the victim and their attorney continue to explore ways to resolve the case. 

Hire a Top-Notch Wildfire Attorney in Southern California

Choosing the right Southern California wildfire lawyer can be challenging. Many attorneys are available, and each one may claim to be the best. To determine which wildfire lawyer to hire, it is paramount to look at the attorney's past case results.

The ideal Southern California wildfire attorney has helped their clients secure thousands or millions of dollars in damages to date. This lawyer likely has a proven track record of delivering outstanding case results. Also, the attorney knows how to handle any legal issues that come their way. 

In addition, consider how a Southern California wildfire lawyer handles client requests. The ideal wildfire lawyer understands no client request is too big or too small. Thus, the attorney is ready to respond to client requests and ensure that wildfire victims get comprehensive support throughout their litigation. 

Partner with a Southern California Wildfire Attorney from ​Engstrom, Lipscomb & Lack 

At ​Engstrom, Lipscomb & Lack, we want to help you achieve optimal results in your Southern California wildfire case. Reach out to us, and we can put you in touch with a best-in-class Southern California lawyer right away. To get started or learn more, please contact us today.