Northern California Wildfire Lawyer

Northern California Wildfire Lawyer

A Northern California wildfire can occur without notice. The wildfire can spread quickly and cause serious damage in a short period of time. Following the fire, there is no guarantee that an individual can fully recover. Improve your odds of recovery: hire Engstrom, Lipscomb, and Lack.

Engstrom, Lipscomb & Lack has successfully helped dozens of clients recover in their Northern California wildfire cases. Get in touch with an experienced wildfire lawyer in Northern California. From here, an attorney can help an individual file a Northern California wildfire lawsuit. 

What to Do After a Northern California Wildfire

After a Northern California wildfire, an individual is left to pick up the pieces. A person may deal with an injury or the loss of family members and friends due to a Northern California wildfire. Also, an individual may experience damage to their home or business and have to file a fire insurance claim. 

Insurance companies must operate in good faith when dealing with wildfire victims. However, there can be times when an insurer can deny a homeowner's wildfire insurance claim. In this instance, an insurance company may be acting in "bad faith."

The California Department of Insurance provides resources to help wildfire victims. Yet, for wildfire victims who believe an insurer is acting in bad faith, it may be a good time to consult with a Northern California wildfire attorney. At this point, the attorney can review the victim's case and help this individual move forward with a lawsuit. Call Engstrom, Lipscomb, and Lack for a free in-depth consultation.

A Northern California Wildfire Lawyer does Not Necessarily Require an Upfront Payment

Hiring a Northern California wildfire attorney can be done on a contingency fee basis. In this arrangement, an individual does not have to pay upfront for legal services. Instead, the individual only owes an attorney money if the lawyer wins the case. 

For example, a Northern California wildfire victim can hire an attorney with a contingency-fee arrangement. The victim and their attorney can work in lockstep to win the case. If the case is successful, the victim gives a percentage of their recovery to their lawyer. 

With a contingency-fee arrangement, an individual is not responsible for any costs if they lose their case. In this scenario, the attorney and their client can take solace in the fact that they tried to achieve the best possible case results. The client can then move past the case and does not have to worry about paying their lawyer at any time. 

Comprehensive Legal Help from a Northern California Wildfire Attorney

A Northern California wildfire attorney carefully reviews their client's claim against their insurance company. The attorney may find the insurer is operating in bad faith if the company does any of the following:

  • Causes a homeowner to experience long delays when it processes their insurance claim
  • Ignores a homeowner's insurance claim
  • Undervalues a homeowner's insurance claim
  • Lies about or misrepresents a homeowner's insurance coverage
  • Wrongly denies a homeowner's insurance claim

In any of these instances, a Northern California wildfire attorney and their client gather evidence. Next, they ensure that they can present a strong case in court. They also communicate and collaborate with one another throughout the legal process. 

People Can Pursue Damages from Companies and Individuals in Northern California Wildfire Lawsuits

Along with insurance companies, an individual can sue a company or anyone else responsible for a Northern California wildfire. To do so, an individual must experience physical or emotional trauma relating to a wildfire in Northern California. In addition, an individual must be able to show a judge or jury that another party is at fault for the incident. 

People can pursue economic and non-economic damages from Northern California wildfires. Economic damages are compensation awarded due to loss of property, wages, medical bills, or other monetary losses. Non-economic damages are compensation awarded for distress, loss of companionship, and other non-monetary losses.  

If an individual wants to sue another party for damages linked to a Northern California wildfire, seek legal help. This individual can partner with an expert Northern California wildfire attorney. Then, the lawyer can help their client pursue the maximum amount of damages from anyone responsible for the wildfire. 

Many Northern California Wildfire Lawsuits Are Settled Outside of the Courtroom

Northern California wildfire litigation can take months to complete. During this time, both parties involved in the litigation can negotiate. If negotiation is successful, the case can be resolved before it goes in front of a judge.

In a Northern California wildfire case, a victim may be presented with a settlement offer. If this happens, the victim should meet with their attorney. The victim and their lawyer can assess the offer and decide how to proceed. 

If a settlement offer in a Northern California wildfire case falls short of a victim's expectations, there is no need to stress. The victim can reject the offer or submit a counter-proposal. This individual and their attorney can continue to negotiate with the defendant as well. 

Select the Right Northern California Wildfire Attorney  

Take a look at a law firm that handles Northern California wildfire cases. The firm should have attorneys on staff who know the ins and outs of California law. These lawyers can tackle any wildfire case challenges that come their way. 

Find out how a Northern California wildfire attorney engages with their clients. It can be beneficial to consult with the lawyer and share any legal concerns or questions. The attorney will devote the time, energy, and resources necessary to provide their client with extensive legal help. 

Check out a Northern California wildfire lawyer's case results, too. The best wildfire attorney ensures that their clients can secure thousands or millions of dollars in damages. This lawyer does everything in their power to deliver the optimal case results. 

Reach Out to a Northern California Wildfire Attorney Today

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