North Bay Wildfire Lawyer

North Bay Wildfire Lawyer

A North Bay wildfire can have a long-lasting impact on victims and their families. But, there can be times when a victim can pursue damages from anyone responsible for a wildfire. At these times, it pays to partner with an experienced North Bay wildfire lawyer from ​Engstrom, Lipscomb & Lack.

A Wildfire Lawyer in North Bay Can Help You File a Lawsuit Against Any At-Fault Parties

Several wildfires have impacted North Bay residents over the past few years. In 2021, the Dixie fire destroyed more than 900,000 acres of land. Prior to that, over 161,000 acres of land in North Bay were burned during the Northern California wildfires of 2017.

North Bay wildfires do not necessarily occur on their own. There can be instances in which an individual's or company's negligence causes a wildfire. In these instances, anyone impacted by the wildfire can pursue damages against the at-fault party.

In a North Bay wildfire case, at-fault parties can include:

Insurance Companies

Consider what happens if a North Bay homeowner's property is destroyed or damaged in a wildfire. The property owner can file a homeowner's insurance claim to get compensated for the damage or destruction. From here, the property owner can start their recovery from the wildfire.

Filing a homeowner's insurance claim after a North Bay wildfire should be simple. Yet, an insurance company can take actions that prevent a homeowner from getting the money they need to recover from the wildfire. These actions can disrupt a homeowner and make it virtually impossible for this individual to move past the incident.

A North Bay wildfire attorney can help their client sue an insurance provider. The lawyer can review a wildfire victim's communications with their insurance provider to date. Next, the attorney can work in lockstep with the client to determine the best course of legal action to take against the insurer.

Utility Companies

North Bay utility companies are responsible for taking precautions to secure their tools, equipment, and systems. However, problems can crop up along the way. If a utility company makes a mistake, the issue can ultimately lead to a wildfire that puts North Bay residents in danger.

If a North Bay utility company is responsible for a wildfire, it may try to offer a settlement to anyone affected by it. By doing so, the company may provide only a portion of the damages that those impacted by the wildfire could receive in court. The business may also provide an insufficient amount of damages, to the point where it is exceedingly difficult for wildfire victims to use the money they receive to recover.

A North Bay wildfire attorney is unafraid to file a lawsuit against a utility company. The attorney can meet with a wildfire victim and get this individual's insights into the incident. Then, the lawyer and their client can pursue an appropriate amount of damages from the utility company.


The National Park Service notes that humans cause approximately 85% of wildfires. It also points out that these fires occur for many reasons, including:

  • Campfires that are left unattended
  • Burning of debris
  • Malfunctioning equipment
  • Discarded cigarettes
  • Intentional acts of arson

People are expected to take reasonable actions to prevent fires from starting and spreading. Failure to do so can lead to a wildfire, along with property damage. The fire can even result in injuries and deaths.

A North Bay wildfire lawyer takes the guesswork out of filing a lawsuit against persons or an entity responsible for a wildfire. The attorney can learn about the wildfire and determine who may be responsible for it. This lawyer can help their client begin the legal process and get the best possible results out of it.

How a Wildfire Attorney in North Bay Supports Their Clientele

A North Bay wildfire attorney understands the legal process. The lawyer teaches the client about this process and responds to any concerns or questions about it. In addition, the lawyer helps the client navigate any legal challenges that arise.

For instance, a North Bay wildfire lawyer considers how an at-fault party will respond to a claim. The attorney then helps the client gather evidence to dispute the at-fault party. This boosts the likelihood that the attorney and their client can present a strong argument in court.

Furthermore, a wildfire lawyer ensures their client feels confident and composed when their court date arrives. The attorney lets their client know what to expect on their court date. That way, the client is well equipped to put their best foot forward in court.

What It Costs to Hire a North Bay Wildfire Attorney

The cost of hiring a North Bay wildfire lawyer is a big consideration. It is important to note that a wildfire attorney may be hired on a contingency fee basis. This means the attorney only gets paid after a client's case is closed.

When a North Bay wildfire attorney is hired on contingency, the attorney accepts the case without any upfront costs. The attorney and their client work together throughout the case and try to resolve it as quickly as possible. If the client receives damages as a result of their case, the lawyer then receives a percentage of them.

A wildfire lawyer and their client set up an agreement that outlines the percentage of damages that the attorney will receive. If a client loses their case, no damages are awarded. As such, the client is not responsible for paying their attorney any fees.

When to Hire a North Bay Wildfire Attorney

California has statutes of limitations in place relating to personal injuries and property damage.  These statutes give people a limited amount of time to pursue damages. After the statute of limitations passes, an individual cannot file a lawsuit for damages against an at-fault party.

For personal injury claims, an individual usually has two years from the date of their injury to sue an at-fault party. If the injury is not discovered right away, an individual can file a lawsuit within one year of when the injury is identified. For property damage claims, an individual has up to three years from the date that the damage occurred to sue.

It is beneficial to hire a North Bay wildfire attorney as soon as possible. This ensures that an individual can avoid filing a lawsuit within California's statutes of limitations. It also allows an individual to move one step closer to getting damages from an at-fault party.

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