Los Angeles Wildfire Lawyer

Los Angeles Wildfire Lawyer

Los Angeles residents must keep a close eye out for wildfires. There is no telling when a wildfire will occur. Once the fire begins, it can quickly spread and cause fatalities, property damage, and other long-lasting problems.

​Engstrom, Lipscomb & Lack, we help Los Angeles residents recover from wildfires. We can put you in touch with an experienced Los Angeles wildfire lawyer. At this point, our attorney can help you file a lawsuit against anyone responsible for a wildfire that impacts you or your family.

Hiring a Wildfire Lawyer in Los Angeles Is Key

The Woolsey Fire and many other wildfires have impacted Los Angeles residents over the years. Some of these wildfires occurred due to the negligence of utility companies, individuals, and other parties. The fires also caused severe problems for many Los Angeles residents.

Following a wildfire, an LA resident is forced to deal with the recovery process. A resident may need to seek financial aid to pay off medical bills and restore their home. Also, this individual may struggle to stay afloat during this difficult time.

A Los Angeles wildfire lawyer allows an individual to pursue damages from anyone who may have caused a fire. The lawyer can review the facts surrounding a wildfire. From here, the attorney can help their client file a lawsuit to pursue the maximum amount of damages from anyone responsible for the fire.

A Los Angeles Wildfire Attorney Helps Their Client Pursue Multiple Types of Damages

There are three types of damages that an individual can be awarded in a Los Angeles wildfire case:


These damages are monetary and objective. They can include compensation given due to loss of wages or medical expenses incurred due to the wildfire. There is no cap on the amount of economic damages that a wildfire victim can receive in California.


Non-economic damages are non-monetary and subjective. They consist of compensation awarded for pain, suffering, and other emotional trauma. A Los Angeles wildfire attorney can help their client determine an appropriate amount of non-economic damages to seek in a lawsuit.


Punitive damages are awarded as a means to prevent an at-fault party from hurting others. It is rare for a California court to award punitive damages. However, a court may do so if it wants to deter an at-fault party from future negligent acts.

A Los Angeles wildfire attorney teaches their client about the different types of damages. The lawyer ensures that the client can pursue the right types of damages. Additionally, the lawyer helps the client decide how much to pursue in damages before filing a lawsuit.

How to Determine the Damages to Seek in a Los Angeles Wildfire Case

There is no limit on the damages a Los Angeles wildfire victim can pursue in court. Yet, the victim and their attorney must be realistic. Otherwise, a court may be unlikely to take the victim's claim seriously.

Initially, a Los Angeles wildfire attorney learns about their client's case. The lawyer maintains an open mind and may ask their client dozens of questions. That way, the lawyer can get the information required to provide their client with a personalized recommendation on how much to seek in damages.

To date, California wildfire victims have recovered millions of dollars in damages from their lawsuits. A Los Angeles wildfire lawyer cannot guarantee the results of a case. But, the attorney does everything in their power to help their client achieve their desired case result.

How a Los Angeles Wildfire Lawyer Handles a Case

A Los Angeles wildfire lawyer wants their client to feel confident with their case. The attorney works with the client to understand all aspects of the case. This allows the lawyer and their client to build a strong argument to present in court.

In the weeks leading up to a court date, an LA wildfire attorney and their client gather evidence. They also review this evidence and consider how to present it to a judge and jury. The attorney and their client may collect witness testimony that can highlight the impact of a wildfire on a victim as well.

An LA wildfire lawyer remains accessible to their client. The attorney encourages the client to come forward with any concerns or questions. This lawyer can even help their client determine the best course of action when presented with a settlement offer.

What to Expect from a Settlement Offer in a Los Angeles Wildfire Case

The at-fault party in a Los Angeles wildfire case can present a settlement offer to a victim. If this happens, the victim can accept, reject, or counter the offer. To determine how to proceed, it is generally a good idea for the victim to consult with their attorney.

An LA wildfire attorney can review a settlement offer with their client and help this individual weigh its pros and cons. The lawyer can respond to their client's concerns and questions regarding the offer. Ultimately, the client must decide how to respond to it.

If an LA wildfire victim accepts a settlement offer, the case is complete. Or, if the victim counters the offer, this individual and the at-fault party can continue to negotiate. If the victim rejects the offer, this individual and their attorney can continue to work on putting together their case for court.

Do Not Wait to Hire a Top-Notch Wildfire Attorney in Los Angeles

It may seem challenging at first to hire a Los Angeles wildfire lawyer. To simplify this process, look for a lawyer who knows the ins and outs of California laws relating to wildfires. This attorney should have no trouble handling a wildfire case with precision and care.

The best Los Angeles wildfire attorney is available to provide immediate legal assistance. This attorney ensures that their client's legal requests are fulfilled as expected. In addition, the lawyer helps the client navigate the legal process.

Engstrom, Lipscomb & Lack is a Los Angeles law firm with comprehensive wildfire case experience. We have a proven track record and work diligently to help wildfire victims seek full and fair compensation from at-fault parties. To find out more or request a consultation, please contact us today.